Ilir Camaj

Born in New York and a resident of Rochester Hills, Michigan for two decades where Ilir went to school, worked & participated in community events & fundraisers. Ilir is the father of two children, a husband & a Oakland University Alumni.
Among the accomplishments he is most proud of in his professional real estate journey, are his facilitation of out-of-state clients’ relocation into their Michigan homes and properties. Ilir understands the importance of integrity in the work that he does. His experience in fiduciary with high net worth clients only reaffirms that trust is the most important principle of long term business success.
Having experience in relocation in & out of state himself, heĀ understands how deeply intimate of an experience it is to find a new place to call home for you and/or your family.
Ilir became especially knowledgeable of the local market while contracted by a California based hospitality group for the identification of prospective restaurant locations while networking for their business interests in the Metro Detroit area. He also managed a portfolio of dozens of apartment buildings, as well as serviced the needs of multifamily investors.
From the single family residence to the vast array of commercial properties you may be searching for, Ilir takes pride in developing an understanding of your goals and seeing them through to execution.


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