Marvin Nafsu

Licensed agent in the state of Michigan.
My love for real estate started back in 1996. Helping people has always been one of the things that I enjoy doing; I love to see that smile on their face . One of my strongest suit’s is that I’ve been working with people since I was 10 years old. From an early age, I learned how to listen to their needs and cater to them. People always ask me what do you enjoy about real estate the most and the answer has always been the same: every property has a story and I love the process of the Negotiating.
Honesty and fairness will get you far in life . Almost 98% of my clients become my friends we actually hang out with each other I’m a strong believer that if you treat people right you’ll always get more in return. Let’s work together to help You find your next residential or commercial property. Thank you.

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